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The Body Challenge

The Body Challenge began in 2012 in the UAE (particularly Dubai) with over 400 participants just in the first season alone. Nearly 10 years later, with 1000+ transformations, The Body Challenge is one of the most recognized body transformation programs in the Middle East. As part of our global initiative The Body Challenge as of 2021 is now available in Portugal.

This is an online 8 week Body Transformation Challenge with a €1,000 Grand Prize.  

The Challenge is to Transform your body as much as possible in the 8 week timeframe given, using our recommended meal plans and exercise options.

With 100% Commitment, Discipline and Consistency, your mind and body will completely Transform in this 8 weeks of Dedication.

This Challenge is between you and yourself to become a better you!

The time to GET FIT is NOW......DON'T WAIT!

Who are we targeting? 

The Body Challenge is for Anyone and Everyone!

It doesn't matter how "Out" of shape or "In" shape you are, the Transformation will be SHOCKING!

Whether you want to lose fat, gain muscle, trim down or tighten up, THIS CHALLENGE IS FOR YOU!!!

Why are we doing this Challenge?

We are providing this "Challenge" for one purpose only.

Our purpose is to help you become better than ever!

We want to help you unlock all of your potential and discover the endless possibilities within yourself!

We truly believe that this "Challenge" is just the beginning of you proving to yourself that YOU CAN DO ANYTHING!

This 8 weeks of Discipline will set the tone for the REST OF YOUR LIFE!

How do you participate?

NOW is the time to COMMIT and GET INVOLVED!

The 1st thing you need to do is Register Online at and create your username and password.

You will receive a confirmation email to know your registration was accepted.

Once you have received the confirmation email you will have complete access to the Body Challenge Online Kit which will include our preferred Meal Plan options and our preferred Exercise Options (i.e. home workouts, personal trainer contacts and gym locations and details)


There will be a one time non-refundable registration fee of €50. That's less than €1 a day over 8 weeks.

This fee includes the The Body Challenge online kit, participant support during the entire 8 weeks and access to the participant forum.

What is required from the participants?

We ask that you upload a current (before) photo holding a newspaper dated within the registration dates.

Men should preferably be shirtless, facing the camera or standing sideways in front of a wall holding the news paper.

Women should preferably be in a bikini or attire that shows the shape of their body, facing the camera or standing sideways in front of a wall while holding the newspaper.

Note - If you are not comfortable being shirtless or in a bikini for the "before" photo, please wear something form fitting so your transformation in the "after" photo will be visible to judges.  Also, make sure your "after" photo is taken from the same exact location and angle as your "before" photo. For example if you are facing the camera in your "before" photo, then face the camera in your "after" photo as well, the same goes for sideways stances.

Photo tips: Have someone else take your photo for you so you can stand naturally.  Make sure you have good lighting and take a clear full body photo from the top of your head to the bottom of your feet. If you are not comfortable showing your face, then take the photo including your face but crop it and send us the one from your neck down to your feet (make sure to keep the original, should you win we require to see it only for validation purposes). Do not suck in your stomach or act unnatural, just stand relaxed and enjoy the fact that this is the last photo of the old you! 

Notice: If you are not comfortable uploading a photo and are doing The Body Challenge for your own benefit we encourage you to still take a "before" photo for your own personal use so that you will see the visual changes in yourself after you complete the challenge. You will be eligible to win one of the iPads just for registering. However, we can only award the Grand Prizes to the participants who upload their "before" photo within the registration dates due to the judging process.

Deadlines of participating?

Registration starts October 15th & ends October 31st 2021. 

What is included with registration?

Included with registration is access to Meal Plans, online Home Workouts, Challenger Forum and online Support.

What are the prizes?

The overall winner will receive a €1,000 cash prize.

How will the winners be chosen? 

Uninvolved trainers will pick the top 10 Transformations out of all of the participants photos and essay.  Another We will pick the top 25 transformations and have online voting to narrow it down to the final 10. We will then hold a final voting to choose our 3 winners. The winners will consist of the overall winner as well as the most inspirational man and woman.