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How can The Body Challenge corporate event help your organization?

  • Great Team Building
  • A Healthier Work
  • Increases Employee
    Satisfaction Towards The
  • Reduces Stress
  • Physical Health Directly
    Impacts Better Mental Health
    and Consequently More
    Productivity At Work
  • Bringing Employees Closer
    to each other as they work
    towards the same goals


Below you’ll find the timeline for our challenges. Are you ready to make a difference in your life?

  • DAY 1

    A one day meet and greet to introduce the program, speak to individuals about possible problems, and calculate body fat percentage's, weight as we get the employees excited for the challenge.

  • DAY 2-6

    During this period all the staff have time to join the program, register, get access to meal plans and prepare themselves as well as their kitchens for the new change.

  • DAY 7
    challenge begins

    The 8 week challenge begins from today, every single day is a step towards healthier and happier employees, we recommend 3 days of bootcamps per week but the number is negotiable.

  • DAY 63
    challenge ends

    And by now those who have been completely disciplined throughout the challenge have become addicted to their routines and find it easy to make the right daily choices.

  • DAY 70
    closing ceremony

    At this stage the winners have been selected, transformations reviewed, and a closing ceremony held by The Body Challenge on your behalf will be conducted to reward the challengers.


Begin today!

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