Your battle to be better

This renowned 8 week challenge to a better you offers a GRAND PRIZE
With over 10,000aed in cash & prizes!

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Who are we targeting? age?.

The Body Challenge is for Anyone and Everyone! It doesn't matter how "Out" of shape or "In" shape you are, the Transformation will be SHOCKING! Whether you want to lose fat, gain muscle, trim down or tone up,THIS CHALLENGE IS FOR YOU!!!

Why are we doing this Challenge?

We are providing this "Challenge" for one purpose only. Our purpose is to help you be better than ever!

We want to help you unlock all of your potential and discover the endless possibilities within yourself!

We truly believe that this "Challenge" is just the beginning of you proving to yourself that YOU CAN DO ANYTHING! Just 8 weeks of Discipline will set the tone for the REST OF YOUR LIFE! Don't Allow yourself to wait, GET INVOLVED TODAY!

How do you participate?

NOW is the time to COMMIT and GET INVOLVED!

The 1st thing you need to do is Register Online by filling out the registration form
Once you have paid your Challenge Fees of 1300aed you will receive a confirmation email that your registration has been accepted.

There will be a 1 time non-refundable fee of 1300aed. This fee includes 8 weeks of Body Challenge Bootcamp (3 times a week), the Body Challenge online kit, participant support during the entire 8 weeks and access to the participant forum.

What is required from the participants? We ask that you upload a current (before) photo holding a newspaper dated within the registration dates. Men should preferably be shirtless, facing the camera holding the news paper. Women should preferably be in a bikini or attire that shows the shape of their body, facing the camera while holding the newspaper.
Note- (If you are not comfortable being shirtless or in a bikini for the "before" photo, please wear something form fitting so your transformation in the "after" photo will be visible to judges).
Photo tips: Have someone else take your photo for you so you can stand naturally. Make sure you have good lighting and take a clear full body photo from the top of your head to the bottom of your feet. If you are not comfortable showing your face, then take the photo from your neck down to your feet. Do not suck in your stomach or act unnatural, just stand relaxed and enjoy the fact that this is the last photo of the old you!
Notice: If you are not comfortable uploading a photo and are doing The Body Challenge for your own benefit we encourage you to still take a "before" photo for your own personal use so that you will see the visual changes in yourself after you complete the challenge.

You will be eligible to win one of the iPads just for registering. However, we can only award the Grand Prizes to the participants who upload their "before" photo within the registration dates due to the judging process.


Deadlines of participating?

Registration ends on February 7th.
What is included with registration?
Included with registration is access to camps, meal plans, home workouts, forum and online support.

What are the prizes?

The overall winner will win a walk and yoga trip to Nepal.

The Most Inspirational Man and Woman will when cash prizes of 2000aed each..

How will the winners be chosen?

We will pick the top 20 transformations and have our panel of judges narrow it down to the final 10.

We will then hold a final voting to choose our 3 winners.

The winners will consist of the overall winner as well as the most inspirational man and woman.

  • challenge


    The famous 8 week challenge to a better you with prizes from a "free walk and yoga trip to Nepal" to cash prizes.

  • bootcamps


    Our 50 minute Bootcamps consist of a variety of Training Protocols programmed in a manner which allows individuals of all levels to progress and see results immediately. Our camp environment is exactly what you need to remedy everything stressful in your daily life.

  • Meal plans


    Let us take the guesswork out of your nutrition! We will tell you what to eat and when to eat in order to reach your desired goals, safely within a realstic timeline.

This is an 8 week Body Transformation Challenge with over 20,000 aed worth of cash and prizes. The Challenge is to Transform your body as much as possible in the 8 week time frame given, using our recommended meal plans and exercise options. With complete Commitment, Discipline and Consistency you can have the best body you have ever had in this 8 weeks of Dedication! This Challenge is between you and yourself to become a better you! The time to GET FIT is NOW......DON'T WAIT!

Who are we targeting? age?
The Body Challenge is for Anyone and Everyone! It doesn't matter how "Out" of shape or "In" shape you are, the Transformation will be SHOCKING! Whether you want to lose fat, gain muscle, trim down or tone up,THIS CHALLENGE IS FOR YOU!!!


Jordan Branford

Jordan is the founder of The Body Challenge. His charismatic personality will keep a smile on your face throughout a tough bootcamp.

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Jordan Branford

Salma Ismail

The Body Challenge Co-Founder - Nike Brand Ambassador and NTC Trainer

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Salma Ismail


Over the last 3 years, THE BODY CHALLENGE BOOTCAMPS have become synonymous with POSITIVITY and CHANGE.
The camps possess a “Feel” of their own, due to our training approach of using MOTIVATION NOT INTIMIDATION.
Getting out of your comfort zone during a workout is indeed crucial for change, but feeling comfortable in your enviornment is a critical aspect as well. Our camp ambience is one of “Infectious Positivity”. We’re a team!

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Frequently Asked Questions

The Challenge is to Transform your body as much as possible in the 8 week timeframe given, while attending our Bootcamp 3 times per week and using our recommended meal plans. You are free to decide on your goal(s) or desired achievement(s).

This is specific to the participant and could be a fitness or health goal that you progress towards during the 8 weeks. Some examples could be
- Generally improving your overall physique by losing fat and defining muscle.
- Losing weight by up to 15kgs in 8 weeks.
- Increasing your strength on Squats or Bench Press progressing towards an 8 week predetermined goal.
- Decreasing a certain amount of fat from your present BMI.

Registration does not mean the challenge has begun. The challenge begins on the first day of camp.

This event is brought forward by Jordan Branford, one of Dubai’s leading fitness professionals who has been successfully assisting the community with body transformations, self-discipline, healthy lifestyle choices and much more. Jordan has dedicated himself to one of the most desired elements of daily life – being fit!

“If you can't you must, and if you must you can”
- Anthony Robbins.

This event is a personal transformation journey that is targeted toward anyone who values a positive change in their health and fitness level. If you have been thinking of joining a gym or seeking the services of a personal trainer, then this is for you. If you are someone who has not been training or exercising and need to get back into shape, this is for you. If you are a person who wants to build self-discipline, good health and be part of a community that eats and breathes fitness, this is for you. If you want to change your life for the better than THIS IS FOR YOU!

The overall winners will win a walk and yoga trip to Nepal in addition with cash prizes.

This will be done in separate rounds. First, the top 25 transformations over the 8 week timeline will be selected by the event committee and sent to the 5 unbiased judges not related to the challenge. These judges will reduce it to top 10 transformations and then have a final voting out of those 10 to pick the Champion as well as the Most Inspirational Man and Woman.

The self-discipline that any participant builds over the 8 weeks should remain even after the challenge and become a habit for the rest of your life. The eating patterns, exercise, rest and work/life balance should remain very similar with just minor adjustments here and there. This challenge is not a quick fix change that you complete and go back to the ‘old’ you, this is a complete makeover of your lifestyle that will bring you a much more satisfying existence.

There will be one time non-refundable registration fee of 1300 AED. This includes your 8 weeks of Bootcamp at 3 times per week. This fee is non-refundable in order to hold you accountable for being at every camp, NO EXCUSES. Camp sessions DO NOT roll over to the next 8 weeks. If you miss a session it is not credited to your 8 weeks. *Please note that we only accept cash at boocamp site

This fee includes 3 days a week of Bootcamp for the entire 8 weeks. The Body Challenge online kit (Meal Plans), participant support during the entire 8 weeks and private access to the participant forum.


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